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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  August 18, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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up big, come from behind to win their second game in the lit will league world series, in williamsport, it is really up there. >> what? >> these dragons are on fire, that is what dragons do. we will check with chris o'connell because he is standing by right now, introducing you to mone's mom live this morning. we have new developments in the search for the skateboarders who vicious lay tacked a park ranger, we're live with the details. police think they have and know who it is. national guard deployed again overnight, in ferguson, missouri following another night have of violence protesting. they are furious over some autopsy results that came out at 10:00 o'clock last night, on 18 year-old michael brown. we will talk about that in just a bit. and, i canned kerry earlier, you ever have to take a pea in center city during the day. >> of course. >> you know, it doesn't work
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out. much less the n and the b. >> this is what i want to know, from the crew, where did they take those giant letters where do you take big letters like that. what will we do with the nine letters left up there and are you sad to see it go. they have been up there since the 509's. wind of weird. normally i'm dragging on a a monday but i'm happy to be dragging this machine because of the taney dragons. it has got the city fired up. >> yes. >> i thought we were going to hear the city fired up there but that is coming up. >> no, city fired up sound coming up later hi, kerry welcome back. >> you look great. >> hi, sue. >> i'm still here. >> good to see you. >> yes. >> so, gratitude is my attitude. >> all of our others throughout the day. number nine is the number today. we have plenty of sunshine and
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these if you are in southern delaware you may see clouds and a sure today. that is only reason we are not giving you the ten. bus stop buddy is at the shore. is there sun screen. the it is a nice morning with sunshine and temperatures in the 50's and 60's out there. the it looks like a decent beach day as well. so right the now it is 65 degrees in the city. calm wind. relative humidity of 68 percent. it was nice out there. phillies forecast, it is for 80 degrees. it may be a few more clouds but still nice as the game begins and it is phillies and mariners for a three day series starting tonight at 7:05. 84 degrees. mostly sun which afternoon clouds. then tonight it is a low of 67 degrees. maybe more muggy then it has been and that is your fox cast from the weather authority. let's do traffic and at 7:02. there is a disabled vehicle in marlboro, a swam a seven creek
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road and knuckle road so watch out for that, an route one south in new jersey around south brunswick and that will slow you down this morning. well, as you know by now those taney dragons are on a roll. they won a second straight game in dramatic fashion last night defeating a tough, team from the suburbs of houston, texas. they are now, one step closer to a championship game. we have to win on wednesday night. >> we have to beat an undefeated team. i cannot even speak. we are undefeated but the team on wednesday, also undefeated, from las vegas. >> they are really. >> good yes. >> we have team coverage, fox 29 sabina kuriakose is live from reaction with the fans. 32,000 at this game.
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first outside in williamsport with more on this. i need to stop talking. >> take it, chris. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we are coming to you from new columbia, pennsylvania. that is because, first of all, i have to apologize it was a little late night in the hotel lounge. that is because we're staying with the taney families. they came back here last night after that historic win, against texas to advance in the little league world series, it was a big party here last night, and one of the people who was at the party mon o davis's mom joining me now, le keisha maclean, tell me, first of all, what was it like in the stands. it was like a kohler coaster for us watching it i can't imagine what was going on for you. >> we were very excited. it was a roller coaster ride but we had this unbelievable win. i said this before the game
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started we will take this home. >> reporter: all of the parents said when they were down three runs they knew they were going to win. >> for some reason taney dragons always know how to come back. the thinks the toughest game we have had but we made it through. >> reporter: i don't know if you know yet, we will break some news, coach alex told me that mone most likely will pitch on wednesday, i'm pretty sure you knew that anyway. how is dealing with all this. >> she's ready to play ball. she will go out there and give it their best. the last game was not her best game this will be the best game to help her team advance to the next round. >> she has been getting an enormous amount of media attention. you are like a superstar. how has she been dealing with that, relaxing. she was here at the the hoe the other night and she was just a kid. she enjoying this or is this
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the nerves getting to her. it seems like she's just calm. >> i think nerves are getting to her right now. right now she has to walk around with the body guard. she went to go get a drink from one of the concession stand and they attack her. they had her in the corner. the right now i don't think she's not a child. at nighttime she has to wear sunglasses so they can't see her. right now i believe media is getting to her. >> in the off time they get to walk around the complex and enjoy it, but it is getting too much for her. >> yes, yesterday going to nevada and chicago game i was at the game. i called her down. she said a i'm in the rec room. i'm not coming down until it is time to play. >> they play las vegas little league and what happened, you never expect to be here. i know it was possible but not probable. how far, is this a team of destiny. >> we're going all the way.
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>> reporter: do you have any idea how much coverage and support you guys are getting back home. >> i have been getting text messages, they did fire works last night. they are having viewer parties. phillies are watching us. i understand they are standing behind us hundred percent. >> these guys are laser focused. internet access is terrible. we are not getting a whole lot of news but it has been amazing. thanks so much for joining us. you are going back to philly. we will be back here to cover the game, wednesday night, thanks a lot. le keisha, good luck. >> thank you. >> reporter: can't wait. all right. guys, once again, just an exciting night. we will have more parent coming out here from the hotel in a little bit but i'll tell you that stadium, guys was just simply electric last night. >> sounds like a bar inside the hotel was electric too for the the last two or 3:00 in the morning. grace stuff, chris, thanks very much you are awful. >> i can tell by his hair. >> but i have the same t-shirt that mone's mom has and thank
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you forgiving that to us. >> thank you very much. >> it could be ironed. >> i need a hat, i want a t hat. >> right. >> so please, somebody on it there where can i get a taney hat. >> i'm sure we can find one for you. >> i am told they are sold out. >> well, you are mike jerrick. >> were you out drinking until 2:00. >> of course. >> go to my fox for highlights, pictures, interviews and what is ahead for the the team. >> all right, back to some bad news, kerry. >> it is 7:08. an attack of the park ranger caught on camera, this is at love park. it shows this ranger being kicked by a skateboarder while others, at least three others, stood by watching. >> so, steve is on the story at the round house, steve. >> reporter: here we are trying to attract the the democratic national convention, tourism and whole lot of other conventions and this is the latest unofficial not so welcoming, welcome to philadelphia, have your convention here. look at one of our famous tour list spots, playing an videos,
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computers and off old the world. young people with no respect. no regard for rules and regulations. zero respect for a fellow human being. this is latest videotaped attack that is disturbing philadelphia police and people who see it for so many reasons. one, it is an authority figure in uniform working for the city just trying to do his job, who gets punched and pummeled. when he goes down the beating gets way worse and the attacker's actions get lower on the human respect scale. the unarmed city park rangers head is stumped severely into the concrete. then he gets kicked hard in the head. if that was not enough he is spit on by this young man while another skateboarder smiles and records with the video camera up close like this is entertainment to some here. and others stand by looking, egging the attacker on according to the tourist town visiting family who shot this video with his cell phone saying he felt it was just too dangerous to try to step in
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himself and try to stop it and he knew police were already called. he said he began recording when skateboarder began yelling loudly at the ranger whose job it is and reason he is there to enforce rules which include no skateboarding and among things he heard yelled at the ranger the racial slur known as the n word. >> police now looking for these three guys, now, including the one who took the video and other ones just standing there taunting the guard on the ground according to the man who shot this cell phone video in town from north jersey and the guy that did the worst of it all, kicking, punching, stumping and then spitting on the guard. so this is now the latest way this town looks to so many seeing this just as philadelphia is trying to get the the conventioners here and so much late in the place called love park. mike and kerry, we will see if commissioner ramsey has anything to say on this and if he does, we will have him at 8:00 a lot of the skaters are
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upset too saying we're not all like that. little creep. 7:11 almost. >> this morning the national guard is being deployed to ferguson, missouri, that is following another violent night. >> yeah, police used tear gas to break up, some of the crowd members there protesting the shooting death of 18 year-old michael brown. the trouble began with a shooting, three hours before a curfew was supposed to start at midnight, their time. police say they have no choice but to respond as the the protesters, threw molotov cocktails exploding around them and there were shots fired at the police and one store was beginning to be vandalized. >> they should barricade, we are set up to block police. bottles and rockets were thrown at police. based on these conditions, i had no alternative but to elevate the level of our response. >> well, it calm down around
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1:00 in the morning. meanwhile new york times is report ago this a private autopsy, results released 10:00 o'clock last night said michael brown was shot six times, four times in the arm and then two bullets hit his head, one in his eye. the autopsy was performed by doctor michael badon former new york city chief medical examiner. he told the times that one of the bullets entered the top of brown's skull, suggesting his head was bent forward when he was shot. a federal and state medical examiner will also do their own autopsies, one of them taking place later today. 7:12. the president cut his vacation short, he is actually back in washington d.c. right now. >> his return comes amid some criticism about his vacationing time, upset with crisis going on around the world. >> i is scheduled to meet with vice-president joe biden and couple of other advisors to discuss the u.s. military campaign in iraq and growing
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tensions between police and protesters in ferguson, missouri. he will continue his vacation on tuesday. meanwhile texas governor rick perry is dismissing a felony indictment against him, as pure liz politically motivated. he is facing two felony account after promised to go veto millions of dollars in funding for a public integrity unit. that unit run by democratic district attorney. that district attorney was arrested and quick of drunk driving. have after that happening the governor demanded to resign but she refuse. a day at a park not so much fun for one veterans. >> he says that six flags, the big amusement park right here in new jersey, refused to allow his entire family into the park because they didn't like the t-shirt he haddon. >> here's a look at t-shirt that he was wearing. the shirt supports the the marine. it has a red, white and blue rifle on it, keep calm and return fire. >> yes. >> kind of the phrase they use in the military. the veteran says he was told
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that shirt would offend people. six flags said that they are reviewing the incident but a spokesperson says the the park does have a dress code and that prohibits vulgar, offensive or violent images and language as well. >> we should see what happens here. camden county police want to find a man they say tried to lure an 11 year-old girl. >> it started on the 2600 block of baird boulevard. this is right around 6:30 last night. police say that this girl, ran when this guy approached her. he chased after her, and at least some period of time. he could not catch up with her. at this point police only have a generic description of him but we're working to get a better description. hopefully you can help him find him. well, happening today, jury selection begins for would the man on trial for kidnapping a five-year old girl, for her school. later sexually assaulting her. cristina regusters do you remember this. >> yes. >> this story has been going on for a couple years.
7:15 am
believed to be would the man caught on surveillance video taken her child from a class from bryant elementary school. she's the only person charged in this case. more on that as the trial continues. a trial beginning for former philadelphia sportscaster accused of charity fraud. prosecutors say that don tollefson solicited money from about a 150 people for bogus travel packages and these travel packages were in the name of this charity. he is pleading not guilty to the charges against him. he is a former fox 29 employee. >> that is right. what will happen with septa today. will we have a strike. septa's board is meeting this morning in a special session to authorize the board chairman to sign a new contract with regional rail electrical workers. >> last week president septa reached a tentative agreement with one of the regional rail unions, that is the same union that staged a one day strike back in june. >> yes. >> these negotiations are happening under the supervision of the presidential emergency board.
7:16 am
septa has not reached a brotherhood of local locomotive engineers and trainman. so possibly a strike in the works. we will keep you posted on that. hopefully not. >> is there a rule, don't do a joke three times. >> i know you have already done it but it is a good joke. >> should i combo ahead. >> go. >> do you ever have to take a pea in the middle of the day in center city. >> of course, where do you do it in broad daylight right outside in public. >> it can be difficult. >> plans to take this p came to a screeching halt. >> yes, authorities had no idea whole they will finish this job. crews started removing the letters yesterday morning but only took down three of the 12 letters before things came to a halt. they were concerned about the conditions of the the deteriorating licenses. they were more fragile then they first believed. they thought would it fall down on people. now they will have to reschedule with the faa which has to give permits for hell cooperate tours fly over center city and near city hall and city has to reissue
7:17 am
permits and stuff like that. >> i hate when i have to get a permit to take a p, the worst thing ever, such a lengthy process. >> you have to take a b as well. >> and a n. >> and a n it is time for sue. >> too much red tape in the works. it is, a seasonable toy today, nothing too hot or humid for what are usually considered the dog days of ewing, we will take it. we had a cold front stall to the south yesterday and because it is so close to southern delaware that is why we will probably see cloudy skies, down there in sussex county, and that includes the delaware beaches. you may end up with a cloudy day but you see in the future cast, jersey shore won't be quite as cloudy although, not necessarily, a perfect beach day, it looks like we will keep most of the rain to the south of us but we could see a sprinkle or two in southern delaware to day, tonight and maybe even tomorrow morning but it isn't until wednesday that we will start to see the possibility of rain, coming
7:18 am
closer to us, and even then the models aren't quite in agreement on that but it does get unsettled, let us say by the middle of the week into thursday and friday. checking temperatures before you walk out the door it is 56 degrees in bethlehem but only 49 in more pocono. we are in the 50's in doylestown, 65 degrees in philadelphia south jersey we have 57. millville. and 58 degrees in atlantic city. warmer than that down in ocean city. phillies are back in town tonight and they will play mariners at 7:05. it will be 80 degrees by then. that is coming down from the high of 84 degrees today. pretty seasonal afternoon. the the nine out of some ten. when we give you 60's for tuesday and wednesday. it will get unsettled those two days. it looks like we could have some thunderstorms on thursday, and working on that and then friday morning, maybe some rain, hopefully the sun
7:19 am
comes out by the of afternoon clearing way for some wonderful weekends with temperatures. 77 degrees on saturday. possibly 80 on sunday. split is your seven day forecast from the weather authority. time to look at traffic right now, we will start off in an accident in lower gwynedd southbound route 309 expressway, past route 63 which is welsh road. that accident is on your right shoulder. so be on the alert for. that also construction on the pennsylvania turnpike in both directions between bensalem, and the new jersey turnpike, and that connection bridge toll plaza is where construction is going on and they have left lane blocked right there, mike. >> e kay. as you know, this big ice bucket challenge is all over the the internet have have you done it? it has inspired other people to come up with different challenges to help different organizationness a different cause, the new one has pop up in honor of.
7:20 am
>> pie challenge. >> the the water is boiling. >> hello. >> hello. >> it is easy to do. do you remember that classic scene from mrs. doubtfire. new campaign called doubt fire face using that as an inspiration for this new challenge. campaign aims to, raise awareness for depression and suicide in this country. so, that is new ice bucket challenge called the pie challenge. it may just be preseason, but i don't know, are you getting concerned about the eagles? are you worried about quarterback mr. foles. help us out here maybe we should just focus on the taney dragons instead. we will look at the birds and dragons with our friend sean brace have
7:21 am
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welcome back. over 30,000 fans were in attendance to see our taney dragons beat a texas team that is darn good, little league world series, big baseball game, biggest story in philadelphia sports right now, maybe sadly so. sean brace from 97.5 the fanatic is here. sean, good to see you. were you watching. >> i was. i found myself clapping really loud at 8:30 at night. it felt good to hear karl ravitch and philadelphia wins. we have not had that in a long time. >> mone davis is the story because she's a female. if i'm reuben amaro this kid zion in right field, i need him on the squad. i need him in the minor league in clearwater at the end of this year. i don't care if he is 12 or 13. >> game cast tied right here. so short stop makes an error there allowing the taney dragons to win the game. >> yes. >> a lot of tears. do you think there is too much pressure on these kids.
7:25 am
>> no, no i don't. i have heard other people mention this before who have been in the spotlight. these kids don't know what is going on. it would be one thing if this kid would stay in his room for next week but do you know what he was doing an hour after the game he was eating ice cream and pizza and playing play station four with a kid from japan down the the hall in the other dorm room. these guys are enjoying it. it is tough but i can guarantee you everybody is going crazy over that pitcher shedding tears because he was struggling. that probably wasn't the first time he ever cried during a baseball game. >> i have been watching all the game and is there tears in every single game. >> yes. >> lets talk about the eagles real quickly because last week were were all freaking out. >> are you sure you want to talk about the eagles. >> nick had a better game. >> true, yes, he did. where i'm at maybe we over valued this team just a little bit. i'm not trying to get too crazy but just a little bit. it will be a tough start. looking at first four games of their season everybody is banking on this 11-point
7:26 am
spread against jacksonville jaguars. their defense will be vastly improved. then you have, the colts on monday night football. then you have desean jackson coming back with the redskins. then you have the 49ers. that is four tough games right off the stoop. positive thing about the schedule is four out of the final five games are division opponents. >> okay. >> you can make up ground at the end of the the year. >> you better make ground up on defense. >> we can the in the stop anybody. >> that is where my concern is. it was on nick foles and offense on week one. wasn't as crisp as i wanted it. now my focus on defense. they cannot get a pass rush, and again, last year, third down and 12, third and 15 and teams were picking up those first downs. you will see more of that this year. >> mark sanchez playing well. >> stop, what do you want me to say here. >> good thing rolling in the season people were saying it would be a long season if mark sanchez has to play.
7:27 am
everybody has calmed down on that. >> real quickly pierre gomez writes in mike, get the taney dragons hat, at ninth and christian at triple play. >> nice. >> have you ever her of triple play. >> do i know modells is selling them. taney baseball has a wonderful web site. thinks a phenomenal story. it is impressive to to see these guys and girl doing it. >> yes, that is right. >> mone davis in the house. >> let's talk football. >> temple will be pretty good i think. >> temple football. >> quickly. >> three, four, two, hutt. >> yes. >> temple will be very good, i will try out for the temple football team, mone davis, she has given me inspiration i'm here at temple university my alma matter trying to walk on here at temple university my alma matter trying to walk on as a g
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7:31 am
>> hi mike, good morning. number one probably is briefing about the situation going on in ferguson, missouri, and from his attorney general who had ordered the justice department to perform a thorough autopsy on michael brown. a private one was completed yesterday. it found that brown had six gunshot wounds, four to his arm and two to his head . the justice department is moving forward with its own autopsy by the federal medical examiner whiz is kind of unique but justice department spokesmen is saying these are extraordinary circumstances, even as we have the missouri governor jay nixon ordering the national guard now, into that area. protests. >> it is not a live the shot, this is what was happening last night. it flared up, again, it looks like some molotov cocktails may have been thrown at police officers. >> yeah, it got ugly there for
7:32 am
a while there last night, again, and, you know, authorities on the ground and some of the local community activist are saying there is a difference between, peaceful protests, and provocative protests on the the treats trying to get some of this back and forth. they say there were about 100 of them, and that forced the police, to do what you saw, which was tear gaza head of the curfew that went from 12:00 to 5:00 this morning. >> so the president can handle all of this. they have ways to keep track of all this in massachusetts why come back to the white house is this just for looks. >> yes, it is a great question. there is some speculation he would announce some big executive order, that is doubtful a lot of this just may be just that appearance and the thought of taking two weeks vacation in the middle of all these crisis around the globe, that said, we have looked at the schedule.
7:33 am
there is nothing official yet other than some meetings with the vice-president and other top officials at the white house. so we will see. the president could say something but he is back here. >> talking about iraq too they have made progress over week when those air strikes. they were able to take the dam backup in the northern part of iraq from the militants. >> which is a huge deal, huge. >> yes. >> that thing if it goes south, it could be used as a weapon of mass destruction, number one. number two, isis those tur wrist drawn out southern part of the iraq. >> thank you. hopefully you had a good weekend. we will see you soon. sue, lets get to that weather and some traffic, we have some accidents in berlin. >> yes, we do. we will start off with a look at your forecast and then we will check and see what that is doing to traffic on this monday morning. we will start off with bus stop buddy at the shore, this week. for some kids this might be
7:34 am
the last week before school starts. for others it is two more weeks. regardless a nice morning with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. don't forget the sun screen and the the shade. you will need both today in most places, we have nine out of ten because of the cloudy skies to the south of us, here in philadelphia but for us it is mostly sunny skies and seasonal temperatures. we will take it. look at how pretty out there. 65 degrees. calm wind. tranquil morning. relative humidity 68 percent. no problems for your monday morning weather-wise, phillies play tonight at 7:05 they will play mariners 80 degrees when the game begins. high temperature this afternoon is 84 and we will have, mostly sunny skies, for most of the day, and a few clouds, tonight a little more mug which a low of 67, that is your weather authority, fox cast for monday, lets start off with that accident in berlin, new jersey, traffic wise, it is franklin avenue and white horse pike which is
7:35 am
route 30 that will definitely slow you down this morning. another accident this one is on route 422 in pennsylvania, eastbound, just past oaks, and that accident is on the right shoulder, mike? >> thanks, sue. you have heard of party schools, what about food schools, the colleges with the best grub on campus including some that made the cut in our area yes, you have good food at your school? ♪ >> do you recognize them? that is a septa train. well, you have not seen anything yet. the the group behind this music video and how they managed to record this without anybody in their way or getting stopped, by septa
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about dancers taking on the entire train on septa this remind me of fame. >> i am going to live forever. >> latest project frequent local dancer and choreographer kenmar jewel, he and his friend vogue all over the subway, lets take a look. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i missed the whole thing there, i didn't see it. it was shot on a week even. >> yes. >> they shot video one afternoon and somehow managed
7:40 am
to tape the whole thing without any passengers getting in the way. it must have been the weekend. it just took a little bit of patients they got it done in one afternoon. i like the clothing door line. >> pretty good. >> yes. >> great job, guys. >> another wild commute, a california man, accidentally takes his car for a swim. now car pooling in callus a big deal. get it? >> i got it. >> yes. wait until you see footage. >> where was this. >> al tainna, los angeles. >> everybody has a swimming pool in l.a. >> it get especially hot in that area. >> he said, he was wearing flip-flops have you ever had that happened when the flip flop gets stuck on the gas pedal. well, that is the result. >> yes, one of the... >> so, flip-flops got stuck on the pedal. >> skid marks in the pool. >> there were skid marks in other places too, only his
7:41 am
laundry man knows how scared he was. >> yikes. >> everything work out okay. are you noticing strange changes on your body. >> oh, yeah. >> in your body. >> yeah. >> let me give you an example are your eye brows thinning. you know what that means. >> no. >> i'll tell you. how about patchy skin, how about little cracks around your upper lip? oh, really. >> i got some. >> yes, we will tell what you that means. quincy is trying to become a temple owl his alma matter. >> yes. >> yes. >> there is nothing wrong with this picture. >> he is an offensive lineman here. >> yes. >> let me go. >> we will talk with the coach in one second. (vo) ours is a world of passengers.
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how gorgeous is that to start the day this morning. whether in the mountains or at the shore, most of this forecast is for the the jersey shore because we mention that had stalled system to the south means that the delaware beaches may have a few, extra clouds, today, maybe even a
7:45 am
shower to day but for most of us upper 70's, northerly breeze, 73 degrees, surf temperature, low rip current risk and eight on your. v index, go ahead and stay if you haven't leave from your weekend. seasonal temperatures today. is there your stalled frontal system. there is a low pressure system that will slide over a possibility of the shower or two, just depend where this thing decides to settle today. it will stay close by all week. makes for a difficult forecast for middle of the week but if we get any rain it will be on wednesday, maybe thursday, maybe friday morning, that is what we are looking at right now. the lets see what the future cast has for us. there is 4:00. you see the chance in sussex county of a shower or two, some clouds at the jersey shore and that takes care of tuesday, same kind of deal. wednesday, it looks like, the morning should be fine, maybe some of this rain will move in by the end of the afternoon, models are not agreeing on
7:46 am
that anymore so we will keep an eye on that situation but we should stay dry. fifty-five in the poconos and in allentown, but 56 in doylestown. sixty-three there in bensalem. sixty-five in the city here. hammington has 59 degrees. a little bit warmer in ocean city to get started this morning. phillies back in town after their west coast trip. they may be tired today. more clouds at 7:05 for the start of the game with the mariners. they start a three game series tonight. seven day forecast looks good today, little iffy for tomorrow and wednesday but we will have a better chance of rain on wednesday then tuesday. tuesday might get a higher number, more we look at those computer models and then we will have friday morning possibility of rain, sun in the afternoon, cooler and more comfortable as we get into the the next week even, and that is your seven day forecast from the weather authority, lets get to the roads, because there is an accident still out
7:47 am
there on 422 east bound just past oak, that is coming in the city that accident on the right shoulder could le down all that traffic on 422 this morning, an accident in lower gwynedd route 309, right past route 63, well, that is cleared up for now, mike. >> quincy is trying to be a walk on in his alma matter playing football for temple owls. >> is he any good. >> no. >> here's q. >> i'm very good. i'm a very good football player. i'm here at temple university. my major was broadcast telecommunications and mass media. i have coach matt rule here. i know you heard about me when iowas there. >> rumors were all true, so glad to see it in action. >> you were a walk on the at penn state back in 93. >> i was, spent four great years there. >> you said you knew you weren't going to be a great football player, you did it to be a coach. >> this is what i wanted to do
7:48 am
for a living. i wanted to learn the game from coach paterno. i did. i got a chance to play along the way. >> second year head coach at temple university. last year was shaky. you're guarantying everyone we will make a bowl this year. >> i'm guarantying we will do everything we can but we have a good team. these guys are exciting. i'm guarantying if people watch us play they will see dynamic, exciting players and a great brand of football. >> you start in ten days begins vanderbilt, what can we expect from this new temple football team. >> you will see great players highlighted by pj walker our freshman quarterback, kyle friend, they are two of the best players on offence in the country and on defense we have tyler, that led the nation intact else. you will see great young players, is there only four or five seniors. this team will be together for two seasons. you will see a team that plays really hard. >> looking at my body, i want
7:49 am
to be a walk on. were you a walk on. you can sympathize. what can i play, are we looking at quarterback, punter, are we looking at. >> i want to see you nothing but speed. i see athletism. i see play make ago built. we should put you out wide and see what you can do with it. >> i love how you just think quickly on your feet. >> one of my skills is evaluating talent, so we'll val wait talent and see what you can do. >> this is what you will do next hour bring get to my speed burst and being a wide receive, quincy harris, number 84, i want, i know you guys have an intense field goal battle going on. you have three guys starting field goal kicker. >> you know what we will do we will make it as game like as possible, get pressure around you, crowd going crazy and see what you can do under pressure. i think i can get it up there.
7:50 am
the game september 6th is first home game against navy. we want everybody in philadelphia to come out to the game. >> unbelievable deal. i have young kids. my son loves to go to the eagles. i can do that once a year. but to come down and see us play to see college football, to see the naval academy. they won nine games. to go the to the great stadium. to be able to tailgate and meet players as they walk in and see the live owl, all of the things our game day offers for kids, alumni it is second to none. the as a father my son loves it. the as a coach we would love to have you out here supporting these great kids. >> i will be supporting you guys in ten days against vanderbilt. i can't make it down there. september 6th i'm trying to make the team. i will be a field goal kicker next hour. >> ready to that are. >> listen. your new nickname is not matt rule but ma rule, like ja
7:51 am
rule. >> i will try to pull it off. >> it temple. >> it is temple. >> yes. >> yes. >> i like it. >> all right. we will put you way out, wide out, like maybe out on broad street. >> away from the field. >> get out of here. >> lets show you the sports world here, kerry barrett, a young st. louis cardinals fans throw back one of the best souvenirs you can get. >> through it back. >> his dad caught a foul ball right behind the dog out and then look at what happens. >> high pop will it be playable, carpenter giving it a look. >> wow. >> the kid threw the ball
7:52 am
back. >> yes. >> glenn who have man the third base coach... >> do you see that, third base coach tossed the ball back, throw him his ball back. >> you know what they say about blondes. what? you might call it an early birthday gift, the the clinton foundation released a video featuring helleries clinton and kevin spacey. he has that house of cards show. >> i heard yes good i am person nates the former president himself. >> hello. >> hi, it is bill. i just want to make sure you don't forget the my birth the day, coming up. >> i know bill. >> do you know what you're getting me yet. >> i told you this is a very personal decision i will make when i'm ready you know what darling i'd love one of those elephant you always talk about saving for the backyard. >> don't you think that can be dangerous for our dogs. >> what about a baby elephant. >> would a democrat want an
7:53 am
elephant. >> the the president clinton turns 68 tomorrow. happy birthday. >> never seen that show. >> no. >> i know it is fantastic. >> it is so lame. >> we're too busy watching our taney dragons do it. they won their second game, and now they are getting ready to face off with another really good team in vegas. this is wednesday night, let's talk bit. we have new details about the game last night too. >> new details. >> yes. >> my, our chris o'connell was up all night with moms and dads. >> i heard college kids heading back to school, but are you thinking about all that debt. not to worry we will share a few tricks to keep you from drowning in debt, after you
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
be a father, take care of
7:58 am
your kids, and be there, and it means something to them. >> we will, i thought the beginning here was going to be, well, yes. >> very sad. >> yes, kind of no. >> but man, powerful at the even. i like this guy. >> do you know, the report from the pew research center shows half of all fathers who don't live with their kids, only see them a few times, a year, or have no visit, at all, and according to the u.s. department of health and human services children with involved fathers like to guy are more likely to grow up healthy and succeed in life. >> it makes sense, don't you think. >> yes. >> maybe despite your involvement. >> yes, that is exactly right. >> yes. >> once they get out of prison they will be fine. >> i think so. >> sure. >> a grown man gets stuck, in a restaurant, in a high chair. >> yes.
7:59 am
>> how does this happen. >> i cannot even begin to tell you, what is going on. naturally his friend pull out their phones and started filming. shocking. this goes on for about five minutes before he even begins to be able to get himself out. he thinks it is hysterical. we are only left to assume this started as a joke or a stunt. this is ridiculous. people do stuff just to get on tv and you tube. >> yes. >> it is so funny. >> for a while. >> would i imagine alcohol was involved. >> one parent has taken care of the baby and a pet down to the science. they know how to take care of the baby and pet at the same time. >> a all in one swoop. i don't know if that is baby walking dog, dog walking the baby, a little bit of both but both have learned some very impressive skills. we were wondering that baby looks pretty young, i would say a year, slightly over, 17
8:00 am
months, something like that how did they get him to hold on to the leash. >> superglued actually. >> i hope not, straight up 8:00 o'clock. good day, monday august 18th 2014, kerry and i are here for you. >> reporter: we are starting this hour with the best and worse philadelphia youth have to offer. i unfortunately have the story of the worse and we have breaking news in that about the love park ranger beating, chris o'connell, in williamsport, he has good news of the morning, chris. >> reporter: yes, magical run of the taney dragons, continues at little league world series in williamsport. if you think kids are nervous wait until you hear from the parents. we will talk to them in a few in minutes, sue. >> we havebout us? when will we get rain in the
8:01 am
week. like it has all summer. we will answer all those questions coming up in your weather authority forecast, hi quincy. >> i'm trying to join the temple football team but they won't give me any pads. >> now they took his mike from him. >> is he holding his back. >> he is holding his mike pack on. >> people are asking where, you want to wait for two weeks. my daughter got married in mexico and do you have any wedding pictures. >> hello. >> i do have one. it was so hot at the the wednesdaying. >> how hot was it. >> it was so hot, my pants looked like that. >> stop. >> i will explain that photo and so much more, that is one of our top wedding photos of the morning. more from the jill jerrick wedding coming up in a bit. >> that is probably enough of that. >> you probably smelled awful. >> it is medication co.
8:02 am
i'll explain. >> necessary next best thing to being here. >> nine out of ten, mostly sunny skies, seasonal temperatures, further south, more chance you have of seeing some clouds, here's buddy shades in the sun screen today at the shore, temperatures in the 50's and 60's to get you started and we should be in the 80's by even of the day. 68 degrees right now. phillies playing tonight. it will be 80 with some clouds when the game begins phillies verse mariners at 7:05. high today is 84 and low tonight will be in the upper 60's. that is your fox cast and here is a look at traffic on this monday morning, we have an accident southbound new jersey turnpike a approaching jamesberg, exit 8a on the shoulder in the inner roadway. watch out for. that the accident in berlin new jersey is still in effect and that has franklin avenue
8:03 am
and white horse pike route 30, things slow down there. disabled car in marlboro still out there on swamp creek road and knuckle road this morning, mike. >> lets get to this breaking news in connection with the beating on have that park ranger in love park. >> steve is live at philadelphia police headquarters, what is the head line the bad news here from police headquarters. thed police identify fight the most heinous part of the video taped love park ranger eating and that is, not a kid but an adult doing that. nineteen years old. the the detectives now getting a warrant for his arrest, and his two friends who also thought it was so funny and worth recording themselves with the video camera as witnesses say they taunted the ranger as well while on the ground apparently throwing racial slurs around including the the one that begins with the word n will be caught and charged too the police
8:04 am
commissioner tells us this morning. >> what was your initial reaction when you saw that video. >> well, discuss. i don't know what other reaction you could have on the part of the person who attacked the ranger as well as people standing there and video tape as opposed to helping the poor man. >> reporter: after being punched and pummeled to the ground when he goes down the the beating gets worse and the attackers actions get lower on the human respect scale. unarmed city park ranger head is stum in the concrete. then he gets kick hard in the head. in the end, he is spit on by this young man while another skateboarder smiles and records with the video camera up close like this is entertainment to some in this area. another stand by looking egging the attacker on according to the tourist town visiting family who shot this video with his cell phone. >> these guys are just thugs. he is kicking a man in the head. he could have caused grave injury to the individual.
8:05 am
he needs a severe punishment. they don't care. they don't care. and for cops, take this guy in custody and scratches him once, then it is police brutality. look the at what we are up against. these are very same people we have to deal with on a daily basis. they simply do not care. hopefully he goes to the pen textry and fit was me, and if i'm a judge all those guys standing around would be in the joint too. >> reporter: young man from north jersey was in town visiting family and regarded this, said he didn't think it was safe to try to break it up. he knew police were called. when police arrived, he went with the ranger, with the police to give a statement. by the way, like love park, i'm told there is no skateboarding a love in the joint either. >> by the way, have a great time at the penitentiary you little creep and that little tool in the black t-shirt too.
8:06 am
>> the one with the videotape, what a loser. >> have a good time, fellows, see if anybody helps you out in the yard. >> doubtful. >> happening now taney dragons, moving on to the little league world series. they have a game against vegas. >> last night was a nail biter start to finish. the in the end taney pulled out a seven-six win over the team from a suburb of houston. a very good team. chris o'connell outside in williamsport, i know you spent time with in mone davis and what is next. who do you have behind you. >> can you imagine being being the parents of these kids. i'm talking to some of the most proud parents. i will go down the list who are you and who do you represent. >> ty shanahan on's dad. >> that is it. >> brian, i'm eli simon's dad. >> mark boone. >> joe richardson joe richardson dan. >> i'm eric's dad.
8:07 am
>> so, first of all, we just found out patrick and i are second cousins. >> yes. >> two streeter. >> tell me first of all what was it like last night, roller coaster of emotion. >> you know what it was like last night. it was undescribable and so tense, among the parents and so exciting when it all broke loose. >> these kids, i mean we were at the lounge last night watching your kids on tv on espn what is that like for a parent. >> it has been great, really. we said we wand third they were the kids on tv, and they are as good as them and they're on tv now. >> of course, all of the talk of mone davis. apparently she needs a body guard, i'm being serious, she does. what is it like for her, how is everyone handling the media attention. >> they are handling it very well now but it was rough at first.
8:08 am
she got nervous at one point but she's good now, she's fine. >> is this a team of destiny because it seems they might be >> every time they take the field they will check. >> they seem like they are so calm and confident is that what this team is made up of. >> they support each other. one kid has a bad day another teammate will comfort them and talk to them and say this will pass and that is what they did. same thing last night. they come back, they work hard. that is what happened. >> do you you know anything about this las vegas team we will play on wednesday or is it just you go with whoever is up there you play. >> i know they are the next team we will go and we will beat. that is all i know. >> these guys have all been up here and isolated a little bit. do you know how much support you have at home? have you been keeping tabs on
8:09 am
that. we have been on the road a long time. we were in connecticut. i blew through philadelphia. i was there a couple hours before i came out here. only in those couple hours i realized how excited philadelphia is about the team. when you are watching them you see a bunch of kids playing. when i saw clips of tv and watching us play you realize how the team is more real on tv then it is in persony wanting to patrick, one more question, these kids and seeing them what goes through your mind when you see just how they are supposed and how they are dealing with all of this as a proud. >> it it is very impressive to start w i know the investment many of these have have in this. >> it is thousands of dollars. >> we have been on the taney band wagon but you guys have been dealing with this for months and months, you have
8:10 am
been on the road traveling. it is a big commitment to the family. >> correct, everybody here knew they were making a commitment in the summer of 2014. everything else came second and this was commitment and hope that we would be standing here talking to you. >> i don't know about me but i know, it is awesome, because these guys, the the commitment that they have to their kids. the commitment that the family has to this team is really impressive. i talked to you guys. they say just being here is, almost good enough. this was the dream to be here whether you win or lose. you have people back in philadelphia rooting for you guys g luck wednesday night. 7:00 o'clock against las vegas. these guys are hoping. we hear, we have inside information, mone davis may be on the pitching mound starting pitcher wednesday night. >> of course, she will, goodness gracious.
8:11 am
check out more videos and pictures on my fox >> 8:10. still ahead the act parents have been waiting for to prevent your kids from ignoring your calls. how you can have complete control over your child's phone with one simple down load. >> ignore no more. >> but first 70 percent of college students graduate with debt and a lot of it. students loans at a 1.1 trillion with a t, dollars students loans at a 1.1 trillion with a t, dollars wethe wonder of summer is that
8:12 am
i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me.
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the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month.
8:14 am
a nice morning after a very nice weekend, when a clouds and few showers yesterday it turnout not to be a big deal and pretty okay. we are close to 70 degrees in philadelphia 68. fifty-seven up in the poconos. sixty-six in wildwood. 66 degrees in wilmington. comfortable morning. high of 84 later today. same for tomorrow, probably more clouds and then sunshine and then wednesday, late in the day we could see some showers, perhaps lingering in to thursday and maybe even friday morning. we will see what happens.
8:15 am
temperatures staying in the 70's, both days of the weekend, hopefully just dry both days as well. that is your weather. here's traffic. we have a new accident in done show who can even, fey yet street and a earlier accident still in the southbound new jersey turnpike, just before that salesberg exit which is exit 8a on the right shoulder in the inner roadway, otherwise, no problems to tell but this morning, mike. >> let's talk about these students loans, yeah. $1.1 trillion we owe in student loans in that country. 07 percent of student graduate with debt, so, we are trying to help you out. >> yes. >> joining us now financial expert dan ricoto good to have you with us. >> welcome back, michael. >> thank you very much. put yourself on auto pay what do you mean. >> here's a few tips everyone can do this morning to help you from becoming a student loan zombie for rest of your life. eel easy. auto pay. you are maybe writing a check
8:16 am
paying your student loan or paying it electronically but simply changing over to auto pay where they will ding your account once a in month automatically for the the payment that will save you a quarter percent. may not sound like a lot about five bucks on a average $30,000 loan but it will save you over $500 over the course of that student loan. that will buy a few lattes. >> yes. >> one thing i say make sure you pay the the interest. >> here's the the real called the interest trap. don't want to be trapped here a lot of the private student loans not federal but private student loans start accruing interest meaning that the meter starts running the minute you take the loan. not when you graduate. here's what i want you to do, by new means part-time job, intern at fox, sell blood, whatever you have to do at least pay the interest, while you are still in school. it is only $2,000 a year on a
8:17 am
$30,000 loan. the that is a part-time job. by doing that dwight, kerry, you will save over eight grand over the course of that student loan and will be able to pay it off two years earlier. >> you have a different different loans you say to consolidate. >> don't do this if they are federal loans and lets say you are paying mike 7 percent interest on those loans, 30 grand, $30,000 balance, if you consolidate that and lower your rate to lets say 6 percent which is very doable right now because rates are low you will save about 15 bucks a month or about $2,000 over the life of that loan. you'll get rid of those loans in eight years instead of ten years. >> can you ask the company you work for to help you pay them off. >> best way to pay your student loans is to have someone else pay them for you, michael. president the answer is yes there are certain employers where they will help you get rid of those loans. we have talk about this before. one for example right here in
8:18 am
pennsylvania the pennsylvania national guard, up to 50 grand in student debt relief. the others like teachers for example, public school teachers if you visit american federation of teachers web site get information about certain teaching jobs that will also, contribute towards that student loan balance. >> so, aside from ways to save you have tips honorary paying. >> yes you need to put any savings you have, do you mean that towards loan repayment. >> don't stock up any money. >> lets say for example you take that first tip you save five bucks a in just by going to auto pay. don't take five bucks a month and blow it on beer. i want you to take that $5 a month against principal. make that payment just like it was higher and you'll pay that loan off three months earlier. the first role is try to get those extra savings you have towards principal rather than towards other stuff. second thing, my rule we have heard this before, limit your borrowing to no more than what you would expect your first
8:19 am
year salary to be when you graduate. if you are going to be a computer science engineering making 75, bureau 75 grand if you are a basket weaver, maybe 20 grand, okay. lastly consider a variable rate low. but there are variable rates student loans and right now interest rates are are low, we're talking three or 4 percent a year. i only want to you do this guys if you are confident you will come out with a decent high paying job otherwise i don't want to you take that risk. >> thanks, dan. >> you got it, guys. >> 8:19. still ahead busy moms rarely have time for retail therapy but we are making your lives easier because we are givers. how you can skip that trip to the mall and still find great deals, i mean real cheap. >> that is dangerous. >> but first posting pictures on line after a break up is a big no, no why looking happy own facebook is not helping you at all, what you should be
8:20 am
doing instead. >> miserable. well, not that kind of fresh. on the freshness of our chicken. but i can guarantee the freshness of our chicken because we go beyond what the usda requires... with extra inspections in american family owned farms, refrigerated trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between.
8:21 am
that's what it takes to bring your family a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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8:23 am
that is corner of third and market. >> yeah, is there somebody in there walking around. >> the the four windows across there. i bet they are painting or something. >> no. >> they look empty. >> you want to see somebody taking a shower. >> all kind of things. >> if you are naked in there please stick your head out or something. are you guilty of faking your own happiness on facebook after a break up? you break up with your lover. >> life is good, lala, life is happy. experts say cut it out you only make things worse.
8:24 am
putting on a brave face is natural but when you convey that false sense of happiness on line you are not doing anybody any good. when you show off on facebook, experts say your x will probably in the regret breaking up with you and send a message your relationship didn't mean much in the first place which could hurt their feelings. >> are you supposed to picture yourself crying. >> i'm so sad. >> maybe message is just don't post anything. i don't get the the obsession with posting everything on line. >> i'm sick of facebook so much because there is so many fights on that. >> people beating each other up. >> people responding to trolls just for the heck of it. >> i will say this, my friend, meredith cassidy, she's having a bad day with her sons, she will say it right there on facebook. >> i like that honesty. >> yes, would i like to get rid of my children, stuff like that, if you want them, swing by the house, you can adopt them. there are apps for everything, over a million
8:25 am
apps invented over last five years. we now have an app to make breaking up with somebody easier. >> it is called splitsville, it is a free. it offers advice to co parent to go dating again. former advertising executive created, a app because she was unsatisfied with the advice she was getting when she considered separating from your husband. >> you get advice from the people who have been through the same thing. >> yesy like it because that is a difficult conversation, to break up with somebody. >> for the break up pennsylvania part of it. >> do you have to do it in person. can you text or use a app, that would be great. >> this is about divorce. >> you know, ask somebody for a divorce. think of the pain it would save you personally. >> that is what it is all about. >> still ahead, shady in mccoy is in a new commercial, have you seen this?
8:26 am
he is trying to trick the world into thinking he is using. >> juicing. >> he is using, how he is mocking some athletes out there. >> but first some health warning signs a lot of us pencil in our thinning eyebrows but not so fast. >> you know what shipping eyebrows mean. >> that means you have a health problem, health issue. >> we will talk bit what kind of health
8:27 am
8:28 am
nelson: when i started high school in jersey city making it to the finish line seemed like a distant dream. mr. cunningham: i know how hard nelson works running track and he works just as hard in my honors class. nelson: i thought i wasn't good at history but mr. cunningham, he makes it come alive. now i'm heading to college-- and my teachers helped make that happen. mr. cunningham: we're not just teachers, we're mentors, and helping all our students realize their dreams is the best part of the job.
8:29 am
thanks for ll of the tweets from the tanee dragons. lbi new jersey is rooting for you guys. enjoy memories and have fun. so proud of you. we have another one too. >> from taney dragons air nation at the let's and representing, philly to the utmost. >> you got that right. >> sue serio does that every
8:30 am
single day. >> i think lbi will have have a nice weather day. if thinks your vacation week and stay an extra day, go ahead especially at jersey shore. a nice morning. most of our temperatures are now in the 60's, bus stop buddy, he is rocking the shades and the sun screen. don't forget that today doctor susan taylor will go on and she will remind but that as well. we have a nine out of ten. mostly sunny seasonal temperature. a few clouds, further south. 68 degrees right now. relative humidity is at 65 percent. for middle of have of august that is not bad. phillies play tonight with the mariners. we are looking at a few clouds but it should be a pretty nice night at the ballpark. 84 degrees today and 67, 68 degrees tonight. mostly cloudy, little more muscle muggy in the overnight hours. split is your fox cast from the weather authority. let's talk traffic.
8:31 am
we are dealing with an accident in conshohocken at east elm street and fey yet, also a new accident in harleysville in harleysville pike at main street. let's look at that traveling times. schuylkill westbound has heavy delays from the vine to the blue route and see some, delays on 422 eastbound from oaks all the way to 202. mike? >> sue, do you know what it means if you have thinning eyebrows? it is a signal that there is something wrong with you? it is never too soon to get your entire body checked out. that is why kerry examines me from head to toe in commercial breaks. and appreciate it. >> it is horrifying actually. there is a lot wrong. >> doctor susan taylor joins us now. good to have you with us. >> good morning. >> thinning eyebrows what does that mean. >> it can be because you over plucked them. >> some women think as they get older their eyebrows stay in the the same spot. it might might be a sign of
8:32 am
hypothyroidism. your thyroid isn't functioning proper will. >> why would that make your eyebrows fall out. >> that is unclear but thinning, of the lateral third of the eye brow. that is very simple to find out if you have hypothyroidism and that is to go to your doctor you can have a simple blood test, there are several blood tests done to diagnosis this condition. don't just think you have been plucking too much. >> is what the lower third, what part. >> yes. >> you can do it, your hair on your head can be thin go to. >> yes. >> whole host of other symptoms, constipation, malaise, just not feeling like yourself. >> yes. >> but sometimes first thing you might notice is your eyebrows. >> i'm starting to get cracks around my mouth. >> what is that. >> so cracks around the mouth could indicate a deficiency in
8:33 am
vitamin b12, b6, or follow late. >> i don't know what faux latest but i'm late to that party. doctor mike says i need to take vitamin b and d pills for supplement. >> it is individual. it depends on what your tests show. it is important to go to doctor. there are many people vitamin d deficient but there are some who are vitamin b deficient info late deficient and that can show up as a sign of cracking on the ankles have of your mouth. >> what the next is folate. >> it is folic acid. >> that is what you take to take when you are pregnant. >> i don't know about that. >> there you go. >> here's a weird one. >> dark patches under your arms. >> that is a condition that you can develop these black velvety patches under your arms. it can occur on your neck and
8:34 am
any body folds. it can be a sign of the diabetes or first stage of diabetes called insulin resistant. >> have you ever seen them on somebody. >> it can be a sign of a person being overweight, over their ideal weight but it is a real tip off for diabetes or prediabetes, it is important for check for that. >> i found this on you. >> yes, you did. >> i appreciate you connecting the dots, literally. little white spots on my chest. >> white spots on the chest, the back, the neck, the arms that could be a sign of a fungus infection. it is really showing up in the summer, because the skin that is infect with the fungus will not tan where as rest of the skin will tan. >> that is happening to me. >> i have a funk as you monk us. >> you might. this fungus is very common. it is all over the environment. many people get it. it is very symptom treat it.
8:35 am
>> how do you get rid of it. >> there are cremes, a shampoo that can help and there are pills. >> i'm not rubbing you down with cream. >> why not. >> he can use a shampoo that he uses on his body in his shower all by himself. >> how do i get my back. >> oh, no. >> he is not as helpless as he looks. >> thanks, doctor taylor. >> still ahead, ouch. >> there is no crying in baseball is what tom hanks said all eyes are on the little league world series but are we putting pressure on these young people. i mean they cry during the game. is this too much? is this too much. but first a controversial, does this demi moore and bruce willis daughter rumor willis is that a shape of the hand gun. i'm sheldon yellin,
8:36 am
and i started my career rebuilding homes for one family at a time. today, our companies help build something more. for 28 years, belfor has been restoring homes and businesses destroyed by fire, flood, or any disaster.
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and even though we've grown to over 6,000 dedicated people around the world, for me, it's still about helping one family or business at a time. at belfor, we're restoring more than property.
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8:39 am
you know rumor willis, oldest daughter of demi and bruce. >> she celebrated the her birthday. >> she instagramed this photo of her birthday cake sent by her mother. it is in the shape of the gun. >> really. >> she turned 26. she thanked her mommy demi in the caption. the mother/daughter pair, have had a tumultuous relationship in the past but appear to be on a much better path these days. that is an indication that would be you send your child a gun. >> a gun cake. >> yeah. >> as a gift. >> little stray bullet coming out of there. >> good relationship. >> she's 26. >> twenty-six. >> i didn't even know, they had a tumultuous relationship. when she went off with ashton kutcher instead of her daddy think she was upset with that.
8:40 am
rumor has it. i have more footage from the big wednesday nothing mexico. i got upset with my new son in law, brandon, so i shot the some footage after i push him into a ravine. >> that is nice of you. >> he is being chased by a giant crock. >> that is really big crock. >> this is in mexico. i'm joking there but this was footage off the mexico. the boy is desperately swimming away from a giant crocodile chasing him. >> are they shoeing guns to try to steer this crock. >> locals know to stay away from this body of the water heavy with crocks but tourist entered unknowingly. fortunately somebody on the bridge was able to throw something at the crocodile like rocks to slow it down a bit. local says they think the crock also had a full belly from being federal by people, so that makes it swim slower too.
8:41 am
>> that is so creepy. >> it got close. >> yeah, really close. they have move quick than land too. >> oh, yeah. >> they move very fast on land. >> here's object who moves fast on land and he is making it snappy out there. snapping the ball. he will try to be the temple owls field goal kicker. here's quincy harris. >> what i'm doggies just getting ready. these guys over there, they are hitting hard but i am temple university. tu, go.
8:42 am
8:43 am
have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change.
8:44 am
throw back. q hanging out with temple football team today. the putting him through the paces there. q, how are you holding on there. >> i am getting ready. are you guys ready to see me, be a field goal kicker.
8:45 am
>> yes. >> who are the walk ons. >> okay. >> we have a couple walk ons. >> coach, big game is going down, you guys start in ten days against vanderbilt. >> yes, sir. >> i'm a field goal kicker kind of sort of do you have any pointer. >> kick it through the upright. >> and i'll put some pressure on you. the guys, if he makes it there is no conditioning at the end of practice. >> now what does conditioning consist of. >> they line up on the side and they run until they are tired. >> so, how many chances, can i get three or four chances. >> there is no second chance necessary life but in your case we will give you three chances. >> yes. >> are you ready. >> the the conditioning. >> how long is this field goal i'm kicking here. >> can we do a extra point. >> twenty yarder. >> get it up, give him some room. i'm doing this for mike,
8:46 am
kerry. please guys, i've quip. on, so it may be hard for me. i need you guys to cheer me on. >> come on, baby. >> the coach called a time out, he is trying to ice me. >> for the conditioning. it is an away game as well. >> okay, i get two more shots. >> that looked painful. >> who is field goal kicker.
8:47 am
>> show me what i'm supposed to do. what did i do wrong. >> you're straight back you need to be over a bit and you have to put it threw up right. >> let me see you. >> okay. >> come on, mays. >> okay, listen. i get what you are saying. >> now this is going on. no conditioning, guys, let's go. >> okay, all right. the problem is, the problem is, they are going to do conditioning because they are men. i'm telling you next hour, i will be catching passes, from
8:48 am
pj. he is the second year quarterback. i guarantee you i will be better. come on, let's go, come on. >> he is trying again. >> one more shot. >> okay, this is horrible. one more shot. >> let's go. >> wow, wow. wow. >> awesome. >> where are you, q. >> no conditioning. >> you don't tote thely stink. >> did he pretty good. yes.
8:49 am
>> nice work he is out of breath we will let him go. he is not as physical as he would like to you believe. >> 8:48n a new commercial shady mccoy admits to using something enhancing his performance on the field but it is not what you think. >> there has been talk about my work outs, and whether i'm using something that is helping my boost my potential. truth is, yes, i have. i'm lesean mccoy and i have been using potential enhancing >> bounce for men. >> that is for men. >> that is what it says. >> eagles running back claims he had no eye tea he was juicing that his equipment manager put them in his dryer. the equipment manager says that is not what happened at all. he goes on to say it was selfish of him not to share the performance enhancing dryer sheets.
8:50 am
moving on to a concert 18 year-old boy won't soon forget. julian delawn was at a justin timberlake concert a one point he stopped the the concert and led the the entire crowd n'synxing happy birthday. >> you know what, julian, this is for you. >> happy birthday ♪ >> can you imagine, would i die. julian's mom said it took them a little more than an hour to leave the concert because everybody was high fiveing and fist bumping him a happy birthday and, of course, he thanked justin saying thank you foreseeing my son and not just his disability. he has done that a couple times he has stopped a concert to wish a fan or somebody there well wishers happy birthday, he is in fact he had that concert where the the couple, the guy proposed to his girl friend.
8:51 am
yeah, pretty cool. still ahead barbie clothes for a doll, infamous doll inspired a line for all of us to try, where you'll be able to buy barbie clothing for yourself, this fall.
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8:54 am
kind of a nice morning for most of us, further south you go the more clouds you will probably see. so, generally a decent beach day though with temperatures in the upper 70's, ocean water is 73 degrees. uv index is at eight today and we are giving today a nine out of ten. tomorrow, more clouds then sun we think and, chance of a late day rain on wednesday. and, thursday. it looks like a possibility of a few pop up thunderstorms maybe even lasting into friday morning but all indications are that things will clear out, again, for another nice weekend. with the temperatures only in
8:55 am
the 70's, that is your weather authority forecast, one more look at traffic for your monday morning a accident on the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension, this is southbound approaching the the quakertown exit number 44, that is blocking the left lane. and another one to tell but in havertown own route three west chester pike right there at lawrence road, kerry. >> sue, thank you. still ahead, mike. >> ♪ >> mike is back from his daughter's wedding in mexico. this is jill trying on her dress weeks before the wedding, we will show you what she looks an other big
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
man, it is going to be a beautiful day there. good day to you, it is monday, august 18th, 2014. sue joins us now, hi sue. >> hi. >> somebody just said thaw look great, both of you look fantastic today. some guy really likes that necklace and says, that is gangsta. >> gangsta. >> it really is. >> it looks like a dog chain or something. >> that is what it is, electrical. >> yes. >> hey, here we go, by the way, quick shut out, at 5:00 o'clock, some relative of aunt t tootie, stopped me and followed me for about a block. i agreed to say hello to his aunt tootie.
9:00 am
>> yes. >> there is no crying in baseball. what movie is that from? >> league of their own. >> tom hanks. >> is there crying in the little league, there is no question bit. we have been watching our dragons here. you know, the texas pitcher he could not get the ball across the plate. he was upset, crying. i have seen crying in almost everyone of the games. there is too much pressure, but there was about 33,000 people. they have not played in front of the big, crowd like that before ever. >> espn. >> yes. >> you break up a little bit. >> even with a couple viewers that we have. >> yes. >> i cry every now and then. >> plus, the app parents have been waiting for. you can prevent your kids from ignoring your calls. how you can have complete control offer your child's


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